A Brand to be proud of

This is about history and tradition, memories and visions: when something extraordinary happens, personality comes to life. Over one hundred hardworking hands, hearts and brains at PIERRE LANG are doing exactly that – and have been for over 35 years! Beautiful harmony, combined with sparkling gems and exclusive materials, flawless and in the same high quality as 100% handmade fine jewellery. Every piece of PIERRE LANG jewellery is unique. Just like you.


Dear PIERRE LANG customers, dear Stylists, dear fellow employees,

For me, there are two things in life that I rely on: that is stability and innovation. And yes, right away: For me, these two worlds fit together wonderfully. It’s the roots that carry us – but also the new things that drive us. Everything needs a strong foundation as a basis to build upon – and that is you! I am impressed by the great commitment of our stylists, who advise, present and inspire with so much love, passion and know-how. I also take my hat off of to the employees of our in-house design department: They are not only the beating heart of our traditional Viennese company, but also ensure the highest quality and creative power every day – an essential measure of the success of the PIERRE LANG brand. And, last but not least, it is our Europe-wide customers who have given us their loyalty and trust for over 35 years. As you can see, PIERRE LANG is not just a name, but the certainty that our designs are the result of human work, of people who love what they are doing. 100% handmade in Vienna – then as now.

Sabine Berlinger, CEO


You appreciate timeless designs, but, at the same time, you are passionate about current fashion trends? Not a problem. This not a contradiction for PIERRE LANG, but rather the opposite! You can enjoy both sides with PIERRE LANG jewellery: Sophisticated designs for tomorrow and the high quality finish for the many years to come.

from vienna,
With Love

We have been loyal for more than 35 years – not only to our roots but also to the place where we have manufactured both then and today, to Vienna, Austria. Something else that hasn’t changed: Our love for detail, our passion and our persistence at all costs to create precious designer jewellery in the same quality as fine jewellery – 100% handmade. Does that make us one of the principal jewellery manufacturers in Europe? Maybe. What we know for sure: PIERRE LANG jewellery is made with love, made in Austria, and made for you.
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