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Handmade in Vienna

Handmade is no longer a matter of course today – but it still is at PIERRE LANG. After all, as a traditional Austrian company in the heart of Vienna, we attach the utmost importance to high-quality production that is 100% handmade – and have done so for more than 35 years. Another uniqueness we are holding on to is that every piece of PIERRE LANG jewellery tells its own story. After all, something unique deserves the value that you give it: the highest.

Concept & design

By the time a piece of jewellery leaves our PIERRE LANG factory in Vienna, it is has taken an intense, passionate but at the same time precise journey. Our PIERRE LANG creations and collections follow the clear language of our in-house design team, which develops, designs and produces for you by hand. An essential theme is the exclusivity of PIERRE LANG jewellery. Therefore, we register all PIERRE LANG designs at the International Patent Office in Geneva.

Workmanship & FInish

If something is of high-quality, you feel it. Likewise if something is of impeccable quality and excellent workmanship, you can feel it too. You can also sense and feel PIERRE LANG design jewellery, because it is the work of manufacturers and designers who love their craft, and spend ample time into finish of the jewellery. Materials processed at the highest quality levels, combined with an extra thick layer of gilding or rhodium plating result in jewellery pieces by PIERRE LANG which are wonderful creations – for you and your skin. As a result, PIERRE LANG jewellery is 100% nickel allergen free.

Quality & Handcraft

Genuine craftsmanship, genuine passion and the genuine desire for the best: PIERRE LANG jewellery means a finely tuned symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. That’s why every creation from our company goes through more than a hundred skilled hands before it comes packed with love to your home. Flawless, impeccable and 100% handmade with the same high PIERRE LANG quality standards as the past 35 years.

Unique of Style AUTUMN/WINTER 2022

A beautiful love affair in a thousand shining facets, each piece of jewellery by PIERRE LANG is 100% handmade in the Viennese manufactory. This means: close your eyes, open your heart and make yourself happy with PIERRE LANG.